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Ms. Frank

Assistant Principal - SEL coordinator 

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Ms. Smith

Science Teacher

Mr. Stampone.jpg

Mr. Stampone

Assistant Principal - Programming Coordinator

Ms. Molloy.jpg

Ms. Molloy

Science Teacher - Social Emotional Learning  Coordinator

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Ms. Santos

Science Teacher

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Ms. Sioson

Science Teacher


Mr. DiDonato

Science Teacher

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Ms. Litt

Science Teacher

Mr. Dawson.jpg

Mr. Dawson

Science Teacher

Ms. Barnabee.jpg

Ms. Barnabee

Science Teacher - Forensics Elective Teacher

Ms. Herrick.jpg

Ms. Herrick

Science Teacher

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Ms. Boney

Science Teacher

Mr. Lachok.jpg

Mr. Lachok

Science Teacher

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 5.59.48 PM.png

Ms. De La Rosa

Science Teacher - Peace Teacher -Race and Equity Teacher Leader

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Science Teacher 

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Mr. Rosenthal

Laboratory Specialist

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Mr. Shold


Math for America Early Career Fellow at Math for America

Masters of Science in Physics, University of Binghamton

Masters of Science in Education, Pace University

Team member since 2015

Masters of Teaching, Pace University