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Student Government Organization

The Student Government acts as a central hub of communication and connection at the High School of Fashion Industries. 

They are credited for, fundraisers such as seasonal school dances, variety shows, student lounge events, and festivals where students get to sell their homemade products. coming up with friendly, in-school activities such as spirit days, pep rallies, senior activities, and many more.

They connect students with each other as well as with the administration, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Every year SGO is involved in many initiatives that we believe will enhance the student experience. These initiatives include but are not limited to discussing policy initiatives that range from the dining experience to student relations They also invite students to air concerns and ask questions And so much more!

SGO is an extracurricular class that takes place after school every Monday and Wednesday.

Seasonal Activities Coordinated by Student Government:

School Dances, The Variety Show, Fundraising Events, Talent Showcase, The Spring Festival, The Blood Drive, Bake Sales, Prom, Movie Night, and Trips.

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Ms. ArcaMay

Assistant Principal

Climate and Culture &

Creative Marketing Director 


Climate and Culture Community Associate

Ms. Cordero

Student Government DELEGATES

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