Welcome Students

A very warm welcome to all students attending the High School of Fashion Industries for the school year 2019-2020. In order to make this a successful year all students should become familiar with the Soarring Facts and VTODS'. Always remember the more you know, the more you soar. In addition, make it a point to make friends and build relationships with faculty. Also, make sure to join a club or an  athletic team in order to make your experience most memorable. Most of all just make sure to have fun. Stay tuned because all opportunities will be posted on the Fashionable Times Blog.

News Flies

STUDENT OP assigned Locations


opportunities & Announcements


Jupiter Grades

Jupiter Grades is an online grade book that teachers use to input each assignment aligned to the school grading system. Jupiter Grades allows parents and students to check their grades and assignments in each individual class. Parents and students each have their own unique log-in. Jupiter Grades is accessible both by a web browser or your smart phone. It is a great way to keep up with assignments, grades, and communication between parents and teachers. For new students, login account information with temporary passwords will be either mailed or sent home with students during the first week of school.


Clubs & Activities

Performance Groups      


Iconoclan Dance team

Latin Groove Dance team

Stylz Step team

Social Activism

Student Club & Activities


Skateboarding club

Korean Pop Culture club

Anime club

Rif Raf Book club

Ice Skating club

Yoga club

Drag club

National Honor Society

School Newspaper & -

Literary Magazine

French club

Math club

Social Activism Student Club & Activities

Feminist club

Gay Straight Alliance


Animal Welfare club


Fashion With a Purpose -

(Sustainability) club

Green Team

Social Emotional Learning club

HSFI Majors Related

Clubs & Activities

Photography club

Accessories club

Styling club

Tailoring club

Fashion Institute of  Technology -

Portfolio club Skills USA


Fashion Design club

Crochet club


At HSFI, we work to create a positive culture for all members of our school community – students, families and staff. When students exhibit positive behavior, they can be rewarded with Fashion Dollars – our school’s own monetary currency. These behaviors fall into 5 categories that come together to represent our students SOARRing to college and career readiness:

Safety Ownership Achievement Respect Responsibility

Students can use Fashion Dollars to purchase rewards at our FLY school store – they can also be used to purchase school privileges such as going out to lunch (with parent permission) and choosing the music played between class periods. Here are the behaviors that are rewarded with Fashion Dollars.



Mission Statement


The mission of the Department of Athletics of The High School of Fashion Industries is to provide an athletic program that helps develop the whole person through education and competition, to stimulate a lasting attitude of discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, and social responsibility, to promote ethnic and cultural diversity within athletic programs, to insure equal opportunity for all student-athletes, and to make the athletic program an enduring source of pride for the student population, student-athletes, alumni, and HSFI community.

Vision Statement


The vision of the Department of Athletics at HSFI is to provide student-athletes an environment that promotes and supports academic, athletic and personal achievement, to field athletic teams to perform at competitive levels in PSAL competition, to utilize highly qualified coaches, dedicated support staff, and administrative personnel to help individuals become better students, athletes, and citizens, and to prepare student-athletes to make transitions to the next level of participation academically and Athletically.

Varsity Sports

  • Girls Outdoor, Indoor,

  • & Cross Country Track

  • Girls Varsity Soccer

  • Girls Varsity Softball

  • Girls Varsity Wrestling

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Badminton

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Bowling

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Volleyball

  • Coed Varsity Stunts Team

What is required to participate in Sports at HSFI?


  1. Completed Parent Consent form that gives permission for the student to participate

  2. Completed Medical signed and stamped by a doctor.  This medical consent signifies that the student is medically fit to participate.  The medical

  3. Academically eligible – students must pass enough classes and earn enough class credits

  4. Excellent Attendance – students must attend school at least 90% of the time


How do I find out about HSFI Sports teams’ tryouts and games?


You can find out about all sports teams by constantly checking all the different forms of communication we have at HSFI – Email, Website, Jupiter Grades, Bulletin Boards, Whiteboard in the Lobby, TV Screens, Morning Announcements and Social Media. In addition, all students have physical education (gym) class every term.  Our physical education teachers are our sports coaches, so you can ask them about our sports team.  These teachers / coachers will be announcing and posting information on our sports teams. 

Ms. Sostre

Director of Wellness and Athletics

Athletics Room 301-D

(212) 255-1235 Ext. 3014



The Fashionable Times

To be able to best communicate all the exciting events taking place inside and outside of HSFI, upcoming opportunities for HSFI families and important dates to mark on your calendar, our Blog – ‘The Fashionable Times’ keeps all members of our school community up to date.

   Featured Art By Traicy Gonzalez   





SGO is an extracurricular class that takes place after school every Tuesday and Thursday. Some of the things that SGO is credited for are: Fundraisers such as seasonal school dances, Variety Show and Student Lounge events. Festivals where students get to sell their homemade products. Coming up with friendly in school activities such as Spirit Days, Pep Rally, Senior Activities and many more The Student Government  acts as a central hub of communication and connection at the High School of Fashion Industries. They connect students with each other as well as with the administration, faculty, staff and alumni. Every year SGO is involved in many initiatives that we believe will enhance the student experience. These initiatives include but are not limited to Discussing policy initiatives that range from the dining experience to student relations They also invite students to air concerns and ask questions And so much more!

Seasonal Activities Coordinated by Student Government:

School Dances, The Variety Show, Fundraising Events, Talent Showcase, The Spring Festival, The Blood Drive, Bake Sales, Prom, Movie Night and Trips.


Tutoring Schedule

Students are encouraged to attend both staff tutoring and peer tutoring offered through the National Honor Society. 



SOARR Academy Extended Day courses have been made available to you to make up credits for courses that you have previously failed and need in order to graduate. Failure to report to and/or pass these courses may put your graduation in jeopardy.



  1. Look on your NEW PROGRAM CARD to see the PERIOD 10 COURSE CODE you are scheduled

  2. Look on your PROGRAM CARD to see the DAY OF THE WEEK your class is scheduled

  3. Attend this class each week on the scheduled day






Period 1       8:10-8:55AM         45 min

Period 2       8:59-9:44AM         45 min

Period 3       9:49 -10:37AM      48 min

Period 4       10:42-11:27AM      45 min

Period 5       11:32-12:17PM       45 min

Period 6       12:22-1:07PM        45 min

Period 7       1:12-1:57PM           45 min

Period 8       2:02-2:47PM         45 min

Period 9       2:52-3:37PM         45 min




Period 1       8:10-8:52AM           42 min

Period 2       8:57-9:39AM           42 min

Period 3       9:44-10:26AM         42 min

OP               10:31-10:51AM         20 min

Period 4       10:56-11:38AM        42 min

Period 5       11:43-12:25PM         42 min

Period 6       12:30-1:12PM          42 min

Period 7       1:17-1:59PM             42 min

Period 8       2:04-2:46PM           42 min

Period 9       2:51-3:33PM            42 min



Period 1       8:30-9:05AM         35 min

Period 2       9:09-9:44AM         35 min

Period 3       9:48-10:28AM        40 min

Period 4       10:32-11:07AM       35 min

Period 5       11:11-11:46AM        35 min

Period 6       11:50-12:25PM       35 min

Period 7       12:29-1:04PM         35 min

Period 8       1:08-1:43PM          35 min

Period 9       1:47-2:22PM           35 min



                       2:25-3:15 PM           50 min



The High School of Fashion Industries is not like any other school in this city or even this country. It has a long history and tradition which I would like to share with you. The original school began in March, 1926, in two rooms of a loft building on 31st Street. Seventy-five students were taught Men's Clothing Design or Dressmaking, English Citizenship and Arithmetic by two teachers and one principal. Most of its students were immigrants or children of immigrants who were trying to make new lives for themselves in a new country.
The school moved to West 24th Street in 1940, where it opened as Central Needle Trades High School, this name accenting its stress on sewing, machine work and fashion design. The building itself is a fine example of Art Deco architecture and style. The murals in our auditorium are priceless art works of the depression era which have landmark status. Our school changes as the fashion industry of New York City changes. It adopted its present name in 1956, to reflect the new variety of the vocational majors offered.
Today, you may major in Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, or Illustration and Graphics. In addition, our academic program will prepare you for the rigors of post-secondary education. Since its beginning, Fashion has had many ties with the corporate and labor leaders of the fashion industries. Our school advisory board helps us keep our curriculum up-to-date and raises scholarship monies for students. The Underfashion Club, the Black Retail Action Group, the National Association of Men's Sportswear Buyers, other companies and labor unions and the business partners of our Adopt-a-Student program provide additional support. 
Thus, as you enter the High School of Fashion Industries, you are becoming part of a tradition of excellence, a part of the entire community of the fashion industries. You are here to design your future and become the designers, merchandisers, artists, and illustrators of the future. We wish you well during your stay with us, during these crucial years of your life. Come to us with an open heart and mind and you will find that you will learn lessons that will remain with you for the rest of your life.
Below is our student handbook to help guide you through your time here at the High School of Fashion Industries.
Daryl Blank, Principal



The college process can be a very daunting and confusing process, but don't worry there are lots of people to help you along the way. This page is full of useful information for all grades. It is never too early to start planning for college so please take advantage of all this site has to offer.