The mission of the Alumni Association of the High School of Fashion Industries is to ensure that our Alumni maintain an active role in the success of the students at the High School of Fashion Industries.

We also seek to provide a space for Alumni to remain connected to the institution and individuals that helped shape their lives.


Our intent is to organize Alumni to support HSFI through various initiatives including but not limited to scholarship and internship opportunities.


Our alumni association continues to thrive through the unending support of our entire school community.


All of our events and activities are dedicated to support the students at the High School of Fashion Industries.

We are proud to have the opportunity to offer graduating students college scholarships.

A total of 5 students - 1 from each major; Fashion Design, Graphics Art & Illustration, Business Marketing, Visual Display and a DREAMER an undocumented student.


For Alumni inquiries please contact:

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Belinda David | Alumni Director

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