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The Saturday Art Career Workshops for High School Sophomores and Juniors brings New York City art students together with design professionals who share their expertise and career experiences with the students through three Saturdays of interactive workshops.

This free program is provided for New York City public high school art students through a sponsorship by The One Club for Creativity in collaboration with The School Art League, and the New York City Department of Education.

All sessions will be held at The One Club for Creativity located in the Hudson Yards area of the West Side in Manhattan.

The series offers public high school sophomores and juniors the extraordinary opportunity to:

● Meet and study with highly successful professionals in the field of Graphic and Advertising Design

● Work on projects created by prominent art directors and designers

● Learn about career development and opportunities in graphic design and visual arts

● Participate in a FREE program with other New York City visual arts students

● Become eligible for the One Club/School Art League $1000 Award for a graduating senior.

Workshops are held Saturdays: April 13, and during the spring break on April 20, and April 27 from 9:30AM to 3:30PM, with doors opening for breakfast at 9:00AM. Lunch is provided. NOTE: The last two sessions at the beginning and end of the spring break are a great way to spend vacation time! All art materials are supplied at the workshop. Enrollment is limited to 40 students. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 5 th .

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Lee sara
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For sophomores and Dordle juniors in high school who are interested in art and design, this is an amazing opportunity! The One Club for Creativity is a great example of an organization.


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