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for fall 2024

Our school receives applications from all

5 boroughs of New York City

ONLY NYC residents that are 8th and first time 9th grade students are eligible to apply and have the opportunity to audition

All NYC Families must possess or create a NYC student account for their child to apply to our school 

For a more specific view as to the course of study per major per high school year, click the PDF to see the CTE curriculum sequence

All students can apply ONLINE by submitting an online portfolio via NYC My Schools - portfolio pieces must be attached, relevant to the program selected

Review the NYC DOE Auditions/Portfolio Requirements

to ensure a successful audition!


All students can submit their portfolio pieces to our ONLINE Audition platform 


Audition IN PERSON by attending one of our In-Person Audition sessions 

Coming in person can offer the following:

  • Travel to our school to calculate commute

  • Get to know our teachers and fellow students

  • Find out if we are a right fit

Image of Danielle Silva.

Danielle Silva 

Assistant Principal of Admissions

and Parent Engagement

212-255-1235 ext. 1251


Rosa Isabel Chavez

Admissions Associate 

Fashion Design Instructor


Melissa Abreu

Admissions Community Liaison

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