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The purpose of the Advisory Board of The High School of Fashion Industries, a 501(c)(3), is to provide advice, guidance, support and advocacy to the High School. The mission of the Board is to support New York City students at HSFI who have expressed an interest and talent in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. The Board will work jointly with the leadership of the high school.


The Advisory Board Will:

  • The Board will display continuing dedication and commitment to the goals of the Board.

  • Function as a liaison between industry and the school in identifying viable internships and job employment opportunities for HSFI students

  • Bring noted industry related speakers to the school

  • Fundraise for student incentive award scholarship and other student needs

  • Identify and facilitate scholarship opportunities and donations

  • Assist in the planning of new fashion industry related day or after school programs

  • Provide contacts for contribution of new equipment, materials, programs, and other school/student needs

PHOTO: (from Left to Right)

Visual Merchandising Great

Simon Doonan (blurred)

The Late and Great 

Andre Leon Talley &

The Iconic Dapper Dan


CTE Community Coordinator
& Advisory Board Liaison

Ms. Nieves



Erica Roseman


Christina Neault

Vice President 


Jeremy Bergstein

Jena Brook

Monica Byrne

Patti Carpenter

Lili Chu

Robert di Mauro

Nicole Fischelis

Kim Friday

Jack Herschlag

Nate Hinton

Deborah Hughes

Cherie Serota

Norman Silverburg

Theo Spilka

JJ Thomas

Mara Urshel

Gary Wassner


Honorary Board


Sal J. Cesarani

Harry Cunningham

Erica Fineberg

Gwen Marder

Mark Mendelson

Martha Napier

Audrey Smaltz


Daryl Blank

Educational Advisor


Katherine Boulamaali

Educational Advisor


Yetzli Nieves Dominguez

Advisory Board Liaison


The Advisory Board of the High School of Fashion Industries facilitates various initiatives with the students at HSFI. The goal of these initiatives is to provide support and expose students to experiences within their fields of interest.


Speaker Series


Once a month Junior and Senior students across all majors at the high school are called upon to participate in a Speaker Series sponsored by the Advisory Board of the High School of Fashion Industries. This opportunity to interact with representatives of the fashion industry is an invaluable experience. Speakers hail from all areas of the industry including styling, marketing, event management, print media, broadcasting, and trend just to name a few. These events have become a staple at HSFI and continue to place our students at a competitive advantage as they progress through their careers.


Career Day


Once a year, students’ regular instruction is complemented by a daylong event featuring over forty speakers from all realms of the industry. Career Day affords students the opportunity to explore options within and beyond the scope of their majors. Professionals speak on the companies they represent, their professional experiences as well as their academic backgrounds. Students, always curious, inquire about the day-to-day activities and various paths that professionals have taken to reach their current position in their industry.


Advisory Board Internship Program

As part of the board’s mission to connect students to the fashion industry, an internship program is facilitated utilizing the board’s extensive network. Students are provided internships, both paid and non-paid, at various companies where they receive hands on experience. Some of the companies most recently involved include The Ground Crew, Anna Sui, and Cynthia Rowley's Exhibition A.

Golden Needle Awards


Each year garments are chosen from Senior Fashion Design classes for judging by industry representatives. The garments range in categories from swimwear to evening wear. Winning garments afford the designer and constructor scholarships of at least $75. These garments are also displayed at an event hosted by the National Arts Club's Creative Writing Committee which encourages students to express their creative process through writing.


Advisory Board Scholarships

Each year the Advisory Board of the High School of Fashion Industries awards several scholarships to graduating Seniors in support of their continued academic pursuits. The scholarship recipients are recommended by members of the HSFI faculty who can attest to their excellence in study across various disciplines.


The scholarships include:

Advisory Board Scholarship 

awarded to four students, one from each major, for excellence in the study of fashion design, art, visual merchandising or fashion marketing.


Jack Herschlag Scholarship 

First, second and third prize scholarships are awarded to students for excellence in Menswear. The scholarship was started by Jack Herschlag who is the former Executive Director of the National Association of Menswear Buyers (NAMSB) and member of the Advisory Board of the High School of Fashion Industries.


Ruth Finley Scholarship

Awarded to a student for excellence in communications. This scholarship was started by Ruth Finley who is the President of Fashion Calendar and member of the Advisory Board of the High School of Fashion Industries.


Tremain Hall Memorial Scholarship

Initially started by the family of former student Tremain Hall, this scholarship is awarded to students who have persevered through various challenges while attending HSFI. The Advisory Board has adopted this scholarship and continues to support it's being awarded.

Annual Scholarship and Awards Fashion Show

​The High School of Fashion Industries Annual Scholarship and Awards Fashion Show is a juried celebration of fashion featuring senior student collections. Held each spring, the Annual Fashion Show is not only a celebration of students’ ingenuity but a representation of the culmination of four years of hard work. Designers put their skills to the test and are tasked with complete autonomy as they assume ownership of their individual designs. Under the direction and guidance of industry leaders and seasoned staff, each student will embark on a personal journey of self-discovery as they sketch, design, and construct a garment that will be proudly displayed to the entire school community and guests on the runway. This exhibition is a collaborative effort that reflects the cross-disciplinary nature of the Industry and is one the most anticipated events of the year, as it attracts hundreds of people and is attended by industry notables, alumni, and fashion celebrities.

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