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Falcon Student Health Center | The Institute for Family Health 



Even during the school closure, our school based health center will be physically open on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the closure. The health center will be available for telehealth on the other days.


At this time, students can continue calling the Health Center number to schedule an appointment at (212) 206-2910. The Institute for Family Health who runs the health center can always provide services to students and their families at our other sites across the city.

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Long Island University Academic Coaches

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Teen Choice | 

This amazing community based organization offers a wide variety of student services including; supportive individual and group counseling; peer leadership opportunities; parent and youth workshops; managing your money support; summer youth employment opportunities; a sexual health curriculum; and college preparation services to fill out financial aid and college applications.

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The Spark Program

Here is the place you would go to get information and help on alcohol, drugs and substance abuse.  All communication is CONFIDENTIAL!

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RAPP | Relationship Abuse Prevention Program 


Outreach, Education, and
Counseling for students.

Educational workshops and
trainings for teachers, students,
parents, and staff, and facilitates

special school events.

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Emotions Matter | Buddy System


The transition to high school from middle school can be an overwhelming experience. Trying to begin high school this year will be more challenging than ever since virtual learning will replace many of our face-to-face interactions in the building. That is why we need your help to support and welcome this year's incoming group of freshmen by joining our Buddy Program. 

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