Career & Tech. Edu. 

Ms. Boulamaali.JPG

Ms. Boulamaali

Assistant Principal

Mr. Russel.jpg

Mr. Russell

Photography/ Graphics  & Illustration Teacher

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Ms. Noble

Fashion Marketing & Business Teacher


Ms. Zubrovich

Graphics & Illustration Teacher -Yearbook Editor

Ms. Vacarro.JPG

Ms. Vaccaro

Fashion Marketing & Management / Visual Merchandising Coordinator - Virtual Enterprise & FLY Boutique Coordinator & Teacher

Ms. Damian.JPG

Ms. Damian

Interim Coordinator Fashion Marketing & Management, Licensed District Leader, Visual Merchandising Coordinator | Study Abroad Co-Coordinator

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Ms. Batts

Fashion Design Teacher & Sustainability Coordinator

Ms. Rojas.JPG

Ms. Rojas

Fashion Design Teacher - Advanced Fashion Design Teacher - CTE Tutor and Alumni

Ms. Parisse.JPG

Ms. Parisse

Fashion Design Teacher, Social Emotional Learning Coordinator 

Ms. Cisse.JPG

Ms. Cisse

Fashion Design Teacher, Work Based Learning Coordinator, Freshmen Sewing Club Advisor & Anti-Prom Advisor

Carolyn Rabiner_edited.jpg

Ms. Rabiner

Art & Design Teacher

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Ms. Keel

Art & Design Teacher, Boutique Owner

and Youth Life Coach

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Mr. Jimenez

Fashion Marketing Teacher & Alumni

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Ms. Acosta

Advisory Board Liaison


Mr. Abdallah

Graphics & Illustration Teacher and IT Director


Ms. ArcaMay

Graphics  & Illustration Teacher - Creative Marketing Director -Admissions Associate

Ms. Powell.jpg

Ms. Powell

Interim Coordinator of Graphics and Illustration Department, Art Teacher


Mr. Centeno

Fashion Design Teacher & Alumni

Freelance Multi Media Creative Designer

Lehman SBL MSEd 2022 | 

Urban Transformative Education

Team member since 2013

Ms. Newport.jpg

Ms. Newport

Visual Merchandising Teacher & Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities

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Ms. Johar

Fashion Design Teacher


Ms. Ricci

Fashion Design Coordinator & Teacher


Ms. David

Fashion Design Teacher - Alumni Association Director - Global Travel Volunteer Educator & Alumni


Ms. Chavez

Fashion Design Teacher - Admissions Associate - Study Abroad Coordinator & Alumni

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Ms. Rochford

Fashion Design Teacher - Social Emotional Learning Leader


Mr. Dixon

Fashion Design Teacher & Work Based Learning Instructor


Ms. Moreira

Fashion Design & Business Marketing Teacher, Computer Tech - Alumni

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Ms. Chan

Art & Design Teacher

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Ms. Rouse

Art & Design Teacher, Youth Development Specialist, Television Production Manager & Alumni

Masters of Science in Instructional Technology, NYIT

BFA in Fashion Design,  FIT - Polimoda - Florence, Italy

Team member since 2010

Freelance Photographer 

Masters in Art Education 

Team member since 2015

Masters Art Education

Bachelors in  Illustration

Team member since 2014