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Career & TechNICAL 

Ms. Boulamaali.JPG

Ms. Boulamaali

Assistant Principal

Mr. Russel.jpg

Mr. Russell

Photography/ Graphics  & Illustration Teacher


Ms. Zubrovich

Art & Design Teacher -Yearbook Editor

Ms. Vacarro.JPG

Ms. Vaccaro

Fashion Marketing & Management / Visual Presentation Coordinator - Virtual Enterprise & FLY Boutique Coordinator & Teacher

Ms. Damian.JPG

Ms. Damian

Interim Coordinator Fashion Marketing & Management, Licensed District Leader, & Study Abroad Coordinator

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Ms. Batts

Fashion Design Teacher & Sustainability Coordinator

Ms. Rojas.JPG

Ms. Rojas

Fashion Design Teacher - Advanced Fashion Design Teacher - CTE Tutor and Alumni

Ms. Parisse.JPG

Ms. Parisse

Fashion Design Teacher, Lead Equity and Emotions Learning Coordinator 

Ms. Cisse.JPG

Ms. Cisse

Fashion Design Teacher, Work Based Learning Coordinator, Freshmen Sewing Club Advisor & Anti-Prom Advisor

Carolyn Rabiner_edited.jpg

Ms. Rabiner

Art & Design Teacher


Ms. Keel

Art & Design Teacher, Boutique Owner

and Youth Life Coach


Mr. Jimenez

Fashion Marketing Teacher & Alumni


Mr. Abdallah

Graphics & Illustration Teacher and IT Director


Mr. Jones

Graphics Design & Photography Teacher

thumbnail_Massiel Vasquez_edited.jpg

Ms. Vasquez 

Graphics & Illustration Teacher

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Ms. Leighton

Art, Design & Photography Teacher


Ms. Nieves

Advisory Board Liaison, CTE Community Associate & Alumni

Ms. Powell.jpg

Ms. Powell

Interim Coordinator of Graphics and Illustration Department, Art Teacher


Mr. Centeno

Fashion Design Teacher & Alumni

Ms. Newport.jpg

Ms. Newport

Visual Presentation Teacher & Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities

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Ms. Johar

Fashion Design Teacher


Ms. Ricci

Fashion Design Coordinator & Teacher


Ms. David

Fashion Design Teacher - Alumni Association Director - Global Travel Volunteer Educator & Alumni


Ms. Chavez

Fashion Design Teacher - Admissions Associate - Alumni

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 10.32.37

Ms. Rochford

Fashion Design Teacher - Social Emotional Learning Leader


Mr. Dixon

Fashion Design Teacher & Work Based Learning Instructor

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Ms. Minsky

Art & Design Teacher,

Photography Instructor &

CTS Data Coordinator