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This is our fifth year of collaboration with Clean Green Music Machine, and the New York City Public Schools Office of Sustainability on the rFuture project.

Young people from across NYC wrote songs of substance about the challenges they face as young people growing up in a world impacted by the climate crisis, gun violence, and inequity. TAPCo student filmmakers created five incredible music documentaries for their peers.

This year's rFuture project.

showcase on Tuesday, May 30th at 6 pm will feature five separate TAPCo student-created films assembled into a 1-hour program for a unique event that has garnered great critical acclaim in years past.

Live music will also accompany this year's event at Lincoln Center in Manhattan.

We think this year's rFuture 2023 event is by far producing the highest quality films while spotlighting student film achievement in New York City. We feel strongly that our CTE (Career And Technical Education) is producing the next generation's film and television professionals. TAPCo will be the first school television studio (public or private) in New York City with indoor and outdoor soundstages. Our CTE students will be learning in a state-of-the-art environment well preparing them for college and the world of work beyond. I had spoken with Mayor Adams about the upcoming construction of our television station at the HITN Three Kings celebration earlier in January. Your attendance at our event will be a strong message to our young student music and video artists that their lives and their work are indeed important and worthy of celebration. Please click here to register for rFuture 2023 Red Carpet Student Films Premiere on Tuesday May 30th at 6 pm at the Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center 111 Amsterdam Ave. NYC, NY 10023. Tickets are free.

Looking forward to seeing you there! All the best, Principal Ron Link

he/him (why is this important) TAPCo 10X225 "At TAPCo, we take care of ourselves and each other."

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