Ms. Younkman |

A sensory, abstracted compilation of our process and time together this year. Early moments from design research, development and construction. And now, the small moments of our interior life. The quiet pieces of every day that ultimately influence our work and perception. A reflection of the world and our individual experiences and style.

Class Roster:

Alexus Alejandro, Ashley Baez, Theresa Bryant, G’Annie Concepcion, Amy Cruz, Rosely Espinal, Npenda Fofana, Natalie Garcia, Layla Gee, Valerie Gomez, Dorentina Iberhysaj, Marisel Morales, Sarah Moskowitz, Rachel Perez, Imani Rivera, Jahnae Rivers, Yeiris Santos, Daisy Tenezaca, Mokhigul Turdieva, Tiany Valdez, and Emma Vega Medina.

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