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All students that choose US on their myschools WAITLIST application MUSt audition for A POSSIBLE OFFER


Offers are subject to availability

JUNE 1st - 7th from 4 PM to 6 PM


Please be advised that this application process must be completed with the use of a laptop or computer. The use of a smartphone will not yield successful results.

Before you begin our online audition please read requirements and tips listed below:

  • This ONLINE AUDITION is for NYC 8th graders and current 9th graders for Fall 2023 that have chosen 'HSFI' on their WAITLIST MySchools application

  • In order to be eligible for possible admissions for FALL 2023, you must currently be a NYC resident. 

  • You will not be able to return to edit it, therefore it is best to have portfolio pieces, essay and video ready to attach THEN fill out. 

  • Essay Prompt: (200 words minimum) Which recent local, national or international current event (within the past year) has captured your attention and WHY? Please be specific and include: 1- when and where did you hear of this specific current event - 2- what specific details of this event has maintained your interest - 3- how has this event impacted you personally and 4- has the outcome of this event influenced you to make a change

  • All fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

  • Video component must be under 2 minutes - please visit RUBRIC, for complete details.

  • Submissions with an incomplete number of required pieces will result in a low score - please visit Portfolio Requirements for complete details.

  • All portfolio pieces MUST be uploaded/attached to the appropriate portfolio section(s) - Submissions with incomplete portfolio attachments can result in a low score or NO OFFER. Please visit rubric for optimal score criteria.

All questions can be directed to Danielle Silva, Admissions Director at

You can use the audition form to apply to more than one major

Click below to view SAMPLE  ----------------------------------------------------------------- Click below to START AUDITION

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