Senior Visual Presentation Students
at The High School of Fashion Industries 

Visual Merchandising

The Visual Merchandising department provides a unique hands-on educational  experience unlike any other. Our curriculum is an unparalleled interdisciplinary program that prepares students to create displays and exhibitions from conceptualization through fabrication. Students are given a platform to innovate and create individually and in teams. Concept development, research, mood boards, renderings, shop construction of props, electronic media, lighting and time management are just a few of the areas that students focus on during their course of study. Students master the Adobe Illustrator software program. Our students participate in the designing and construction of the building’s window displays highlighting seasonal events and the Annual Fashion and Art Shows. Master classes with seasoned professionals and partnerships with iconic NYC stores like Barneys New York and Macy’s provide ample opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.


Internships & Shadowing Opportunities / Industry Partnerships / Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders / Competitive Scholarship/ Opportunities / Guest Lectures & Speaker Series / Master classes with renowned experts in the field

queens mall copy.png

Queens Center

This year we have developed an AMAZING partnership with Queens Center where our students construct 3 to 4 seasonal windows. 27 Senior Students spend weeks planning the layout and construction of each window and then travel to Queens Center to install their final design.

This window was constructed by our senior visual merchandising majors:
Zenia A, Zhanise A, Jennifer A, Maxine B, Sasha S, Jenesis C, Charlene C, Charmaine C, Brenda C, Star D, Maylin D, Precious D, Sherlyn F.G, Ruth G, Maliha H, Haley J, Faye K, Aashiana M, Kiara M, Brooke M, Elly P, Regginia R, Nate R, Alyssa S, Jamirah T, Jeniece T, and Macouta T.

Behind the Scenes

June ArcaMay Headshot .jpg

CTE Instructor | June ArcaMay

I am  a Career and Technical Education instructor with 13 years of excelled teaching experience in computer design. I Specialize in marketing design, and school rebranding. I am a former SVA graduate currently undergoing administrative training at Lehman College with an emphasis on urban leadership.

At the High School of Fashion Industries I help students explore all 3 pathways: Fashion. Art. Business.

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