The dress code applies to ALL students regardless of gender or gender identification.


All students should be able to dress comfortably for school without fear of or actual unnecessary discipline or body shaming. Our policy supports students’ right to express themselves.  




Are you wearing a top, bottom, and shoes? → you’re good! Are your genitals, buttocks, and nipples covered with opaque material? → you’re good! If clothing includes intentional offense, hate speech, or illegal activity → you can’t. (EXCLUDES ASSIGNED ATTIRE ON SCHOOL TRIPS, PROFESSIONAL SETTINGS, GYM, etc…)


Regarding school trips:  While following our dress code, we must also be considerate of other communities and environments we enter.




The dress code is not about judging or punishing others for their wardrobe choices. Students shouldn’t be shamed or required to show their body in front of others (students, staff, or parents).

School Dress code

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