Virtual Portfolio  Preparation

Our school receives applications from all 5 boroughs of New York ONLY NYC residents that are 8th and first time 9th grade students are eligible to apply and have the opportunity to audition

Audition Information:

All students can audition for the High School of Fashion Industries in 1 of 2 ways:


Choice #1  - ONLINE

Submit an online audition 


Choice #2  - IN PERSON

Admissions for FALL 2021 auditions are ALL ONLINE due to the pandemic - We will be following in-person protocol dictated by the NYC DOE, once we are granted permission.

Danielle Silva 

Assistant Principal of Admissions

and Parent Engagement

212-255-1235 ext. 1251

Rosa Isabel Chavez

Admissions Associate 

Fashion Design Instructor 

212-255-1235 ext. 1256

June ArcaMay

Admissions Associate |

Creative Marketing Director

212-255-1235 ext. 8193

Angeline Z. | Former Curvy Lab Junior | Class of 2021


All students applying to the High School of Fashion Industries must take the entrance examination and prepare a portfolio to be presented during the admissions exam.




  1. Complete an Art, Business Marketing and Visual Merchandising or Fashion Design portfolio depending on which program you would like to major in at the High School of Fashion Industries. You may create more than one portfolio.

  2. All work should be neat, clean and unwrinkled.

  3. Drawings should be done on unlined paper and mounted on construction paper (preferably black so your illustrations stand out).

  4. Place all work into an appropriately sized envelope, folder or case.

  5. Put forth your best effort. Remember that a neat, well-organized and complete portfolio will without a doubt be recognized

The High School of Fashion Industries • 225 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011 • Phone: (212) 255-1235 Fax: (212) 255-4756 • Daryl Blank, Principal