Updated HSFI Grading Policy

HSFI Parents

I wanted to share with you a draft of the school’s updated Grading Policy. As know you are aware from previous messages and Parents Association meetings, we have been working on updating this policy.

If you have any comments on the policy, you can share your thoughts in many different ways – you can send me a message by email (dblank@schools.nyc.gov) or Jupiter Grades, you can make a comment on a Google form - https://forms.gle/71ujDGVLfiRuU9eH7 - or feel free to call me at (212) 255-1235 ext. 8191.

The policy has now been shared with all the school’s stakeholders – students, families and staff. Our hope is that we can get all the feedback over the next week and have this updated policy in place for this term.

Thank you as always for your strong voice!

Here is the draft of the policy:

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