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Updated: May 17, 2023

It’s that time again – Summer 2023 ISP internship applications are now open in CPP ( for students to apply. Summer internships will be FULLY in-person this cycle.

ISP Summer 2023 Internship cycle will run from July 10th to August 18th for a total of 150 hours $15/hr.

All 8 industries will be represented during this cycle - Student applying cannot sign up OUTSIDE of their major

· Automotive & Transportation

· Business & Finance

· Culinary

· Construction & Engineering

· Healthcare

· Hospitality & Tourism

· Information Technology

· Media & Design

Please see below for the industry distribution for the Program Managers as there has been a shift since the Spring:

Program Manager

Adele Haraughty

Industry Assignment

Business & Finance - BUSINESS STUDENTS!!!

Media & Design - ART STUDENTS!!!

The following students will be eligible to apply for the Summer 2023 ISP Internship cycle:

· Rising Juniors

· Rising Seniors

· Graduating Class of 2023 CTE seniors

I-9 verification

The SIMS team will be providing virtual sessions every Tues/Wed/Thurs from 4PM to 5PM. Registration link:

· ISP I-9 Verification deadline will be June 2nd to ensure student interviews and placements can be prioritized before summer vacation starts.

See below for important dates and reminders for the Summer 2023 Internship cycle.

Date & Reminder

April 25th - Summer Internship applications are Live in CPP

May 30th - ISP Internship application deadline

June 2nd - ISP I9 verification deadline

May 29th – June 9th Virtual Interviews

July 10th – Aug 18th ISP Summer Internship Cycle

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Franklin Sharp
Aug 11, 2023

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