Re-Entering School Building July 27-31

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Returning HSFI Students

We have finally received permission from the NYC Department of Education to give students opportunities to pick up their belongings from the school, if you wish.

This is a schedule for next week, July 27-31 for emptying your lockers and drop off computer laptops and library books, if you wish.  Returning students can keep their computer laptops if they need them for the upcoming school year.  Please read each section of this document to understand the process for picking up, dropping off and entering the building.  

You will have to adhere to the following rules of social distancing and the wearing of masks. There will be grey tape marks outside the building for social distancing and only one student will be allowed in the drop off or pick up area at a time.  This is for everyone’s health and safety.


While we have created a schedule to limit the number of people coming in the building at one time, there is still the possibility that multiple people will be on the same hallway at once.  

Students must wear a mask, maintain social distancing from others and not stop to chat with anyone they might encounter. Only invited students who attend HSFI will be allowed in the building.  No food or drink will be permitted to upper floors.  

All students must follow the guidelines and procedures listed below including CDC/NYSDOH recommendations to practice social distancing by maintaining (six) 6’ of personal space and/or stay home if they’re not feeling well.  

Students will be provided a bag (a clear plastic bag, if needed) to place their belongings in.  All items in the locker should be placed in the bag.  Sorting of items will be done at home, except for books which will be left in the lobby.  Everyone will have 10 minutes at their locker as we only allow a very limited number of people in the building at a time.  Items that are not wanted should be placed in the trash cans provided.

We will be practicing social distancing so please be patient.  Thank you for understanding and helping us keep everyone safe!


If you have a school computer laptop, library book(s), camera or any other material that needs to be returned to the school bring them to EXIT 1 (closest to 8th ave side).  Again, students can keep their computer laptops if they need them for the upcoming school year. 

An envelope will be provided for electronic devices.  You will place the items in the envelopes and write your name and OSIS on it for return.  You MUST include the power cord and any other accessories with the electronic device.  

If you are returning books, please write your name and OSIS on a sheet of paper and insert it in the book before handing it in.


You are being assigned to come to the building in small groups.  Your assigned time cannot be changed and if you are unable to make it you will have to pick up items at another time designated over the summer.   If you show up and it is not your scheduled time you will not receive service. 

The schedule is based on your GRADE and LAST NAME so please look below for DAY and TIME.

This schedule is attached to this message.

Thank you!

Mr. Blank

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