Orientation Information

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Sorry you missed us! We missed you too!!

To view the Orientation Meeting via VIDEO, click HERE

Please fill out the ADDRESS VERIFICATION form to be 'in the know'!

For cyber-safety reasons, some information cannot be posted publicly and needs to be delivered directly to you.

Along with that form, please share with us any challenges you may be facing HERE during this pandemic in order to better serve you in any way we can, after all you are now family!

To make sure we are scheduling you in the correct Major : Fashion - Art - Business as well as placing you in the correct level of Spanish, insert that info HERE.

Make yourself at home and navigate your new school's website to get to know us better!

If you have any questions and can't find the answer on our website,

you can email Ms. Chavez - Rchavez5@schools.nyc.gov

and she will definitely get back to you.

Have a great and safe summer!

Esta información se ofrece en español AQUÍ

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