HSFI Remote Learning Daily Attendance Policy

HSFI Remote Learning Daily Attendance Policy Regular Student attendance and daily participation remains a critical component of learning, and will continue to factor into a student’s grade via participation/readiness. This is particularly important in a remote learning environment. Parents should continue to call in to the school’s attendance line to report absences. Student Attendance will be captured in 2 ways, and will always be determined no later than 11:59pm each night:

#1 Every morning Principal Blank will send an email to each student’s hsfi.us email account, with a form that requires students to check in certifying that they are present in school for the day and ready to participate in their classes.

#2 Students must check in to each of their classes on the day that the class meets by 2:30 pm (the check in to be determined by the teacher). Attendance in a distance learning environment is defined as “engaged with the assigned material.” This will be measured by a “check-in” assigned by the teacher, one for every class period that meets.

Check-in’s can be measured in a variety of ways, including: □ Google Form question indicating receipt of instructions or understanding of material □ Assignment that is due that day □ Question to answer on Google Classroom □ Participation/contribution to an online discussion forum

TWO VERY IMPORTANT NOTES: □ “Check-in’s” do not need to be done DURING the “class” time. □ Attendance is about COMPLETION, not accuracy or quality. If a student turns SOMETHING in, they are “present” regardless of the grade they would earn on that assignment.

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