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Creatives Want Change - 2023 Fellowship

Student sign up for information session slated for February 3rd can be found at the link:


(CWC) Fellows are Black high school students who are sponsored to attend Pre-College Summer Programs in Fashion Design at the best design schools in the country.

Students are invited to apply for the Summer 2023 session and will be matched by (CWC) with partner programs to help them explore an interest in Fashion. A full list of our academic partners and their programs can be found here. Please review this page closely before completing the application as you will be asked to list your preferred programs.

NOTE: Our partners offer both remote and in-person learning for Summer 2023. All room, board, and related travel will be covered as part of (CWC) Fellows Scholarships.

Please see below for Application details for 2023. All completed applications are due to (CWC) by February 28, 2023. APPLICATION Our 2023 application can be found here.

Note that you will need to complete the application in one sitting, so please have answers to the below short answer questions prepared when you are ready to submit the application, along with all necessary biographical information:

  • What interests you about fashion design, and how have you explored this interest? (3-5 sentences)

  • What or who inspires you the most, and how does it shape who you are as an artist and a creator? (3-5 sentences)

  • If you haven’t extensively pursued art and design classes or extra-curricular activities, please share your reasons.

  • What are your future goals and how do you anticipate that this program will help you reach your goals? (3-5 sentences)

  • Describe a time when you had to be self-motivated to work through and complete a project or task. What are the personal skills that helped you? What personal skills would you like to improve during this summer session? (5-7 sentences)

  • In addition to the information above, what else do you think is important in describing who you are?

Students will be asked to list their top three preferences for programs, and should familiarize themselves with the different curriculum and eligibility requirements before applying. WHAT IS COVERED AS A FELLOW? (CWC) Pre-College scholarships will cover the full tuition of the Pre-College Programs offered, including any application fees, as well as a stipend for necessary supplies. Note that we offer a mix of in-person and remote programs, and (CWC) will cover all room & board as well as travel to campus for those who need it for in-person learning. ELIGIBILITY (CWC) Fellows are current high school students who self-identify as Black, African-American, or of African descent. Our partner programs are available to students at all high school ages after the completion of their freshman year. Please note that different programs have different age requirements, and students should consider the specific age eligibility of each program when listing their preferences. REQUIREMENTS Applicants are required to submit a completed application along with a high school transcript (attached as PDF or JPEG in the application). No portfolio is required, although students are able to include one (along with a website or reference Instagram account) if they like. We also ask that students submit a photo of themselves as part of the application. MATCHING Students will be matched with partner programs during the application review process. While we ask that students list their preferred programs, we cannot guarantee that admitted students will be matched based on preference. Programs that are in-person and remote are identified accordingly on the website. DEADLINES The deadline for all applications is February 28, 2023. NOTIFICATION Students will be notified in April if they have been admitted to the program and, if so, what program they have been matched to.

Student sign up for information session slated for February 3rd can be found at the link:


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