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And Generational Civic leadership is needed!

Next Generation Politics and YVote bring socioeconomically, racially, and politically diverse high schoolers together to grapple with complex civic issues and current events in order to become informed, engaged citizens and leaders within your schools and communities. We focus on perspective-taking, critical thinking, and civil discourse to create the generational change we need. Please apply to one (or more!) of our fall programs:

Next Gen Civic Fellowship (Sun, Oct 2, Oct 30, Nov 20, Dec 11, and Jan 8 from 1-2:30PM plus optional spring internship)

Interested in participating in conversations that emphasize multiple perspectives on key civic issues of our time with experts and civic-minded teens from across the city and country? Eager to analyze and discuss questions like:

  • What IS structural racism, how does it manifest, and what can we do about it?

  • Where is the line between free speech and hate speech–and what should happen when it’s crossed?

  • How do we ensure free and fair elections that enable all citizens to vote and have a voice?

  • What kinds of policies and support should we have for refugees?

  • What would a just and equitable criminal justice system look like and how do we create it?

If so, apply for the Next Generation Civic Fellowship! Join a peer cohort committed to creating inclusive solutions to the thorny challenges of our time. Civic Fellows will meet for a full day Civic Orientation on Sun, Oct 2 from 10AM-4PM with subsequent Civic Forums from 1-3:30PM. Upon completion of the first semester in good standing, Civic Fellows can apply for an optional spring Civic Action Project internship.

Further information here and application at Apply ASAP and no later than Sept 28.

YVote ChangeMaker Institute (Monthly Tuesdays from 5-7PM on Oct 4, Nov 1, Nov 29, Jan 10, Feb 7, Mar 7, April 4, May 2, and May 30 PLUS in person Days of Action on Saturdays Oct 15, Nov 19, and Dec 17)

Interested in mobilizing your peers to be civically engaged, at and beyond the ballot box, and being part of a youth voter and civic participation movement?

Apply to join YVote! Be on the front lines of a youth social movement organized around creating change--and holding elected officials accountable--around issues you care about, like civic and leadership opportunities, economic mobility, food justice, homelessness and housing, and mental health. The YVote cohort will meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 5-7PM on Zoom supplemented by midmonthly in-person Days of Action on Saturdays. Stipend of up to $300 available for full participation. Learn more at and apply directly at ASAP and no later than Sept 30.

YVote 2022-23 ChangeMakers flyer
Download PDF • 1.01MB

Next Gen Civic Fellowship 22-23
Download PDF • 1.61MB

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