Greetings Fashion Families from Principal Daryl Blank

I wanted to reach out to everyone about the status of our school’s reopening since it has been a hot topic of conversation in NYC and around the country.

Here is the information that I do know:

#1 – The NYC Department of Education has communicated with the school that the current recommendation is to reopen under the model of blended learning where students are receiving instruction both remotely and in person.  Their current expectation is that students would wind up attending school in person two to three times per week.  Families who want their children to be fully remote would certainly be allowed to do this.

#2 - The NYC Department of Education has sent us a list of rooms in our school building with the maximum number of people that would be allowed in that space with physical distancing requirements. You can be assured that we will follow these capacity levels.

#3 - The NYC Department of Education has sent us our budget for the upcoming school year.  All school budgets including ours is facing an initial 3% cut.  We will explore ways to minimize the damage to our priorities at HSFI.   There are also a number of outside factors that will impact our budget including the NYC economy and whether there is a federal stimulus package that includes money for schools.

This is what I know.  Other than this information, I know as much about our school reopening as you do from public news reports.  I promise to keep all Fashion Families updated throughout the summer as more information becomes available from the NYC Department of Education.

At some point when there is more information available, I plan to form a school reopening committee made up of family members, students and staff.  I also plan to hold video conferences to answer questions directly from families.  If you would like to like to join that planning committee, please fill out this Google form:


I hope everyone is safe and healthy!  Continue to enjoy your summer! Thank you!

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