Greetings Fashion Families from Principal Daryl Blank

In order to assist students and streamline communication, we are asking that all summer school students fill out the below form so we know exactly what assistance is needed and how we can best contact you.   

The form covers the concerns we have received over the past week.   


In addition, below are website links to help with some simple technology issues that some students have been experiencing.   

How to log in to your NYC Student Accounts?


How to reset your password to NYC Student Accounts?


Tech Support for iLearnNYC


Request for Program Changes

At this time, the host school is fixing errors with the original schedule.   Once this is completed, we will request and make program changes.   

As I messaged this morning, unfortunately, we are still experiencing significant technical issues and delays. We are working with the host school and the NYC Department of Education to resolve them as soon as possible, and we share your frustration. 

We will continue to update you on the issues. In the meantime, continue to log into regularly to any classes on your schedule, and check-in with your teachers.

I assure you that teachers will be understanding in working with students and supporting them so that they are not disadvantaged in anyway by these setbacks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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