3/20/20 Here are today’s updates for our Fashion Families

Greetings Fashion Families from Principal Daryl Blank

I hope you and your families are safe and healthy!!!

Here are today’s updates for our Fashion Families.


We are getting ready to begin our remote learning on Monday.  Regular student attendance and daily participation remains a critical component of learning and will continue to factor into a student’s grade via

participation and readiness.  This is particularly important in a remote learning environment.  I will be sending out a ‘Remote Learning Daily Attendance’ Google survey each day of school.  Students must submit

this form each day to certify that they are present for school and will be participating in their digital classes. The deadline for students’ daily attendance is 11:59 pm each day.  The questions that you will be

asked to answer are:

□ Whether the student is able to participate in their classes and do assigned work or if they are unable to because of illness in their household

□ Whether or not they would like to be contacted by a guidance counselor for support

□ Whether or not they would like to be contacted by a computer technician for technical support

The second form of attendance will be in the form of students checking into their classes each day.   Attendance in remote learning is defined by being engaged with the assigned material.


All HSFI students will need to follow a Remote Learning Student Code of Conduct.

The first part of this Code of Conduct is to ‘Stay Engaged and Focused’ – this means that students will:

□ Check into each class according to the published schedule

□ Participate in the learning by completing assigned work and responding to teacher posts or requests for feedback

□ Communicate with their teacher if there are circumstances that limit their ability to be on their computer during scheduled hours or to complete work on time

□ Ask their teacher for help if they are confused by a lesson or feel like they are falling behind.

The second part of this Code of Conduct is to ‘Create a Culture of Respect and Support Online’

Being respectful means that students:

□ Will be respectful to themselves and others.

□ Won’t bully and won’t tolerate bullying by others.

□ Will not post anything online that may intentionally cause hurt, distress or embarrassment to others.

□ Will not post photos or videos of their friends without their permission, especially if they think they wouldn't approve

□ Do not take a screenshot/video of their screen while in a live class or chat of any sort.

□ Do not disrupt class! Students will do all they can to support the learning process for themselves and others.

□ Any student communicating and participating in any media must meet the expectations of the school dress code.

□ There should not be identifiable materials posted or in view within a backdrop.

Failure to adhere to this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action.  We are going to take this Code of Conduct extremely seriously.

Here is the link that students should use to sign off on both the Remote Learning Daily Attendance Policy and Digital Code of Conduct:



This item was included in yesterday’s message and needs follow-up.  As we plan to begin remote learning, we would like to figure out our capability to increase online activities and provide distance learning.  In order for us to best prepare for this plan, I am requesting that a parent or student from each family complete a quick technology access survey.



Attached is a list of school locations around NYC where a grab-and-go breakfast and lunch will be available Monday through Friday between 7:30 am and 1:30pm to anyone 18 years of age and younger.

Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch Locations


Assistant Principal of Family Engagement Danielle Silva will serve as the main point of contact for all Fashion Families.  If Ms. Silva does not have the answer on the spot, she will connect with the staff member that does have the answer. We pledge to make sure that you and your child receives all the educational support that is needed.  Ms. Silva can also get you the information you need for the NYC Department of Education School Account System.

Ms. Silva’s phone number is (347) 841-6851.  Her emails are dsilva@hsfi.us and dsilva3@schools.nyc.gov

We have also created a direct link on our school website for all news related to the Coronavirus and HSFI’s efforts to continue our school efforts.  The link is:



Students should be prepared to get on Google Classroom as we start remote learning on Monday.  It would be helpful for all students to log onto Google Classroom before Monday.  Students should be consistently checking their HSFI email, Google Classroom and Jupiter Grades.  Here is a link for students to learn how to log onto Google Classroom if they are not familiar with it.


Our remote learning schedule will use each student’s current schedule as a framework.

One set of classes will meet on Mondays and Wednesday (Periods 2,3,4,5) and the other set will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Periods 1,6,7,8,9).  Teachers will have office hours from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Monday through Thursday.  On Fridays, we will have office hours all day long for students to connect with teachers with questions and concerns.  We fully understand that students might not be able to “make it” to class during the exact times posted on this schedule.  Our staff will be very flexible – whatever the issue, we will figure it out together.  More information to come.

I will send all this information to students through their HSFI email and Jupiter Grades.

Stay safe and healthy! Thank you!

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