Meet current students, graduates and staff that were once students share 'WHY I CHOSE HSFI' as the school they wanted to go to when they were applying as middle school students.​

Ms. Chavez, our Admissions Associate, Fashion Instructor and Class of 1992 Alumni, conducts a series of interviews where volunteers share their answers to the following questions:

  • What enticed you to apply to HSFI during your 8th-grade year? Why were you interested in applying to our school?

  • What concerns or fears did you have back as an applicant? How did you overcome those fears and concerns?

  • What experiences at HSFI helped you develop into the student you are today?

  • What advice would you give to current eighth graders applying to HSFI?


Former 8th grader from JHS 223 - Brooklyn

'Being introduced to a variety of courses while also meeting new friendships and being exposed to diversity. It allowed me to become more open-minded and learn new opportunities. HSFI challenged me into becoming a high achieving student.'


Former 8th grader from Almadinah School - Brooklyn

'..as someone who is shy and afraid of public speaking, I tend to stay in my comfort zone. However, once I stepped out of my comfort zone regardless of the fear that I have, I realized it isn't so scary and it's just my imagination creating fear that doesn't exist.'


Former 8th grader from Ascension Catholic School - Manhattan

'I think my main concern/fear was coming from a small Catholic school, how would I be able to adapt to this school with 10 floors, with over 1,500 students? I didn't know if I would love it, or hate it, but eventually, I took that chance and realized that it felt like the "right fit.".'

Graduates & Educators

Why They Chose Fashion High

Anthony - Class of 2019
& Marcel - Class of 2016

Anthony is a current Senior at Fashion Institute of Technology and Marcel graduated from Buffalo State College, Class of 2021 and is now a regular CTE substitute teacher at HSFI

Class of 2019

Former Students With Disabilities graduated from the Advanced Fashion Class and is now a Senior at Bronx Community College and was recently accepted to CHAVON SCHOOL OF DESIGN

'The sky is the limit, no one can tell you that because you have a disability you CAN'T'... because you have a disability, that has to be your motivation. See Rejection as Redirection.''

Ms. Belinda David
Class of 1993

Fashion Instructor & Alumni Association Director

HSFI Students, graduates and staff all volunteered to be interviewed

A true testament to the love for our community