NYPD School Safety at the High School of Fashion Industries

School Safety Agents from NYPD are assigned to New York City Public Schools to provide a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. They are not employees of the New York City Department of education.

School Safety Agents are outside the building during entry and dismissal, patrol the building during the instructional day, and staff a front desk where they monitor visitors.

When visiting HSFI, a School Safety Agent at the front desk will sign you into the building by verifying a piece of photo identification. If you do not have photo identification, a school staff member will be able to verify your identity.

HSFI is a non-scanning school, but we are subject to random scanning throughout the school year under a Mayoral directive. When scanning takes places, it is conducted by an outside group of School Safety Agents.

The School Safety Supervisor at HSFI is Level III Rayshell Williams (RAYSHELL.WILLIAMS@nypd.org) (x1342)