Welcome to the website of the High School of Fashion Industries!

The Mission of the High School of Fashion Industries (HSFI) is to ensure that each student graduates on a pathway to a rewarding career and long-term economic security, equipped to be a positive force for change. As a Career & Technical Education school, we are well-positioned to not only help students succeed at HSFI academically and through their majors, but to help them to develop the skills they’ll need for college, work and personal fulfillment. 

We will continue and grow our practice of students not only feeling cared for, but caring for others–being challenged and taking on challenges.

We are committed to developing the skills with our students that lead to success in high school, work, college and life. We have identified these skills at HSFI:

  • Be KIND


  • Be an effective COMMUNICATOR

  • Be a constructive PROBLEM-SOLVER



  • Embrace TECHNOLOGY

  • Be an INFORMED and CONTRIBUTING member of society

We use these skills as a common language in helping our students better understand the relationship between what they do in school and their road ahead.

As part of our efforts to achieve these goals, did you know that:

  • In 2026, the High School of Fashion Industries will be celebrating the school's 100th Anniversary - the school was founded in 1926 and was originally called Central Needle Trades HS

  • HSFI has its own money called Fashion Dollars that can be spent at FLY School Store to purchase all types of HSFI gear including hoodies, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, beanies and bags

  • HSFI has 9 Advanced placement courses and College Now partnerships with Hunter, Baruch, City College & LaGuardia CC

  • Every Grade level at HSFI has a Wellness Team made up of two counselors, one social worker & one attendance teacher who care for the well-being of every student over their four years in high school

  • One of the core values of HSFI's grading policy is having students learning from mistakes and being able to redo work.  Students are given a chance to redo and resubmit work after a teacher has returned work to students with grades and meaningful feedback.

  • In preparation of financial aid questions and college applications, HSFI students have a College Access class as part of their schedule in 11th and 12th grade.

  • HSFI has an Equity & Emotions Team made up of 150+ students

    focused on student belongingness and celebrating the cultures of our diverse student body

  • HSFI has a state of the art Health Center run by the Institute of Family Health that provides free medical, dental and mental health services

  • HSFI has opened a state-of-the-art modern fashion design studio lab - this 1.2-million-dollar studio is where fashion meets innovation with brand-new sewing machines, photo studio, knitting machines, textile printers and much more.

  • HSFI values student voice through our Principal's Advisory Committee on Equity & Belongingness which is made up of an equal number of students and staff members that decide on school wide policies

The reason behind this amazing success is the dual focus on academics and our career and technical majors that include Fashion Design, Art & Design, Business, Photography, Software Development and Visual Merchandising. People say that it takes a village to raise a child - the village at the High School of Fashion Industries is very strong with dedicated staff members, supportive parents and community support through the Advisory Board.

headshot of principal daryl blank

Daryl Blank | Principal

High School of Fashion Industries