The Mission of the High School of Fashion Industries (HSFI) is to ensure that each student graduates on a pathway to a rewarding career and long-term economic security, equipped to be a positive force for change. As a Career & Technical Education school, we are well-positioned to not only help students succeed at HSFI academically and through their majors, but to help them to develop the skills they’ll need for college, work and personal fulfillment. 

We will continue and grow our practice of students not only feeling cared for, but caring for others–being challenged and taking on challenges.

We are committed to developing the skills with our students that lead to success in high school, work, college and life. We have identified these skills at HSFI:

  • Be KIND


  • Be an effective COMMUNICATOR

  • Be a constructive PROBLEM-SOLVER



  • Embrace TECHNOLOGY

  • Be an INFORMED and CONTRIBUTING member of society

We use these skills as a common language in helping our students better understand the relationship between what they do in school and their road ahead. This is essential to keep students motivated and engaged. Here is our vision of these skills:


  • Respect others ideas, opinions, racial and cultural diversity

  • Be empathetic–imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling

  • Show compassion for yourself and others

  • Resolve conflicts peacefully


  • Come up with original ideas

  • See the world in new ways

  • Find hidden patterns and make connections

  • Be open-minded and curious

  • Take academic risks and challenges–be brave!

Be an effective COMMUNICATOR

  • Use good Communication Skills–listen actively, speak purposefully and ask questions

  • Cooperate and collaborate with others

  • Communicate appropriately in multiple formats (Speaking, Social Media, formal writing)

Be a constructive PROBLEM-SOLVER

  • Engage in Argument from evidence

  • Solve problems, evaluate alternative and make decisions

  • Observe critically–evaluate accuracy, bias and usefulness of information

  • Read with understanding 

  • Solve problems using math

  • Know how to study


  • Take Initiative—participate fully and finish what you start

  • Persist when the work is hard

  • Strive to do quality of work 

  • Accept feedback from others and self-evaluate with a positive attitude to improve.

  • Take responsibility for your own learning. Be able to work independently.

  • Learn to practice “Cognitive patience”

  • Ask for help when you need it.


  • Have good attendance

  • Be punctual–arrive on time and meet deadlines

  • Use good time-management skills

  • Know the “workplace” rules

Embrace TECHNOLOGY–Learn new and changing technology

Be an INFORMED and CONTRIBUTING member of society

  • Make informed decisions for the public good 

  • Demonstrate respect for the rights of others 

  • Respectfully disagree with other viewpoints

  • Identify and use quality information sources