The Equity and Emotions Youth Leadership Program is a very important HSFI program that builds bonds between freshmen and upperclassmen. This unique alliance allows freshmen to more smoothly transition from middle to high school. As an Equity and Emotions Youth Leader, you provide immediate support to your freshman class, helping them understand HSFI and how it works. You will give them your perspective and be open and welcoming of theirs. You help them however you can, and you set a good example in your own conduct as an upstanding member of Fashion's community.  In turn, you also benefit from this relationship, learning more about who you are as a leader and individual. 

Equity and Emotions Youth Leaders meet with their freshman class two days a week, meet with their teacher facilitator one day a week and facilitate the equity and emotion lounge on day a week. This means you will be working 4 out of your 5 lunch periods during the week. Youth leaders will be provided with the daily lessons, but are expected to present them to the class. 


  • Plan and lead discussions/lessons in the Freshman Equity and Emotions class.

  • Attend Mandatory summer training on June 21 with other classroom youth leaders.

  • Attend weekly Leadership class where you will prepare materials for your outreach sessions, maintain your meeting log and submit reflections based on your experiences.

Photo of Equity Youth Leaders