Class of 2026- Wellness Team | Room 423

Hello Everyone, Welcome!

 We are the Class of 2026 Wellness Team aka the Good Vibes Tribe! As a group we provide an all hands on deck approach to supporting the students in the class of 2026. Each of us have a passion for the work we do and understand that making sincere connections with our high school students often takes a multi-faceted approach. As a team, our goal is to foster community and belongingness for each of our student cohorts and to ensure that every student feels challenged and cared for!.

The Work We DO Everyday…

As a Wellness Team, we engage in ongoing progress monitoring to ensure that every student in our cohort is moving towards academic, social and emotional growth. We achieve these goals through the delivery of social-emotional, behavioral and self-management lessons in one-on-one, small group and whole group settings.

 We celebrate student successes with cohort-specific activities, events and celebrations that foster school and cohort pride by promoting  belongingness.

We provide wrap-around support and help students reach their fullest academic and personal potential. We take on many different roles within the school. Our duties include classroom guidance lessons, small group and individual counseling, and consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators. Our goal is for each student to develop socially, emotionally, and academically, and we strive to create a safe and positive environment in which each child can achieve this.


Mr. Jones

Guidance Counselor
ext. 4236


Ms. Weiss

Guidance Counselor
ext. 4235

T. Guillot

Ms. Guillot

Attendance Teacher
ext. 4234


Ms. Covington

Social worker
ext. 4233