Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Athletics of The High School of Fashion Industries is to provide an athletic program that helps develop the whole person through education and competition, to stimulate a lasting attitude of discipline, sportsmanship, integrity, leadership, and social responsibility, to promote ethnic and cultural diversity within athletic programs, to insure equal opportunity for all student-athletes, and to make the athletic program an enduring source of pride for the student population, student-athletes, alumni, and HSFI community.

Vision Statement

 The vision of the Department of Athletics at HSFI is to provide student-athletes an environment that promotes and supports academic, athletic and personal achievement, to field athletic teams to perform at competitive levels in PSAL competition, to utilize highly qualified coaches, dedicated support staff, and administrative personnel to help individuals become better students, athletes, and citizens, and to prepare student-athletes to make transitions to the next level of participation academically and Athletically.

Varsity Sports

  • Girls Outdoor, Indoor,

  • & Cross Country Track

  • Girls Varsity Soccer

  • Girls Varsity Softball

  • Girls Varsity Wrestling

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Badminton

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Basketball

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Bowling

  • Boys & Girls Varsity Volleyball

  • Coed Varsity Stunts Team

What is required to participate in Sports at HSFI?

  1. Completed Parent Consent form that gives permission for the student to participate

  2. Completed Medical signed and stamped by a doctor.  This medical consent signifies that the student is medically fit to participate.  The medical

  3. Academically eligible – students must pass enough classes and earn enough class credits

  4. Excellent Attendance – students must attend school at least 90% of the time.

How do I find out about HSFI Sports teams’ tryouts and games?

You can find out about all sports teams by constantly checking all the different forms of communication we have at HSFI – Email, Website, Jupiter Grades, Bulletin Boards, Whiteboard in the Lobby, TV Screens, Morning Announcements and Social Media. In addition, all students have physical education (gym) class every term.  Our physical education teachers are our sports coaches, so you can ask them about our sports team.  These teachers / coachers will be announcing and posting information on our sports teams. 

high school basketball player jumping for the ball in a blue uniform

mr mendez headshot

Mr. Mendez

Director of Wellness and Athletics

Athletics Room 301-D

(212) 255-1235 Ext. 3014