Online Admissions Exam

Please be advised that this application process must be completed with the use of a laptop or computer. The use of a smartphone will not yield successful results.

Before you begin our online audition please read requirements and tips listed below:

  • In order to be eligible for possible admissions for FALL 2021, you must currently be a NYC resident and either be an 8th grader or first time 9th grader. 7th graders, please return in the Spring 2021 to complete EARLY AUDITION.

  • All students that complete an audition with our school must fill out and submit a NYC High School application with their current school.

  • You need to have a GMAIL account to upload documents for essay, video and portfolio. In the event that you do not, please create a GMAIL account and then proceed. If you do not wish to create a GMAIL account, you will need to complete the audition via email - Please email for further instructions

  • You will not be able to return to edit it, therefore it is best to have portfolio pieces, essay and video ready to attach THEN fill out.

  • Essay Prompt: (200 words minimum) Which recent local, national or international current event (within the past year) has captured your attention and WHY? Please be specific and include: 1- when and where did you hear of this specific current event - 2- what specific details of this event has maintained your interest - 3- how has this event impacted you personally and 4- has the outcome of this event influenced you to make a change

  • All fields with asterisk (*) are required.

  • Video component must be under 2 minutes - please visit RUBRIC, for complete details.

  • Submissions with incomplete number of required pieces will result in low score - please visit Portfolio Requirements for complete details.

  • All portfolio pieces MUST be uploaded to the portfolio section - Submissions with incomplete portfolio attachments can result in a low score. Please visit rubric for optimal score criteria.

  • The deadline for Online Auditions will be March 1st, 2021 - Don't wait for the last minute. It pays to submit sooner than later.

All questions can be directed to Danielle Silva, Admissions Director at

or our Admissions Team -

You can use this form to apply to more than one major

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