Clubs & Activities


Mr. Rau

Assistant Principal

Room 829

What if I want to participate in a club / activity?

All clubs and student activities are open to all HSFI students.  Most clubs and activities meet after school on specific days of the week.  The number of times per month that a club or activity meets depends on that specific activity.  You can find out about all clubs and activities by constantly checking all the different forms of communication we have at HSFI – Email, Website, Jupiter Grades, Bulletin Boards, Whiteboard in the Lobby, TV Screens, Morning Announcements and Social Media.  Twice a year, the Student Government Organization (SGO) holds ‘Club Fairs’ where clubs promote and recruit students who wish to participate.  




If you have any questions on HSFI clubs and activities, the key person to speak to is:







What if I want to start a club / activity?

Creating a new club is encouraged.  There are 2 requirements:

(1) You need to identify other students who want to participate with you in this activity

(2) You need to get a HSFI staff member to supervise the activity.


Once you have accomplished these 2 tasks, you would complete a ‘Club Charter’ request and submit for Student Government approval.  If you have any questions on this process please contact Mr. Rau.

Performance Groups      


Iconoclan Dance team

Latin Groove Dance team

Stylz Step team

Social Activism Student Club & Activities

Feminist club

Gay Straight Alliance


Animal Welfare club


Fashion With a Purpose (Sustainability) club

Green Team

Social Emotional Learning club

Student Interests Clubs & Activities


Skateboarding club

Korean Pop Culture club

Anime club

Rif Raf Book club

Ice Skating club

Yoga club

Drag club

National Honor Society

School Newspaper & Literary Magazine

French club

Math club

HSFI Majors Related Clubs & Activities

Photography club

Accessories club

Styling club

Tailoring club

Fashion Institute of  Technology - Portfolio club Skills USA


Fashion Design club

Crochet club