Step One: Draw a vertical line, perpendicular to the horizontal guidelines. 


Note: The standard croquis is an stretched figure with longer legs. The croquis is 9 heads tall from her head down to her ankles. 

In the event that you're working with an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, you'll be able have each head be generally 1” tall but this estimation will alter depending on your page size.

How to draw a Fashion  Croquis 

The Croquis is 9


Heads Tall

Fashion Design

Virtual  Portfolio  Preparation

We do not offer SPECIFICS portfolio design requirements because we want to see the RANGE of CREATIVITY of the applicant. All WORK submitted must be ORIGINAL and submitted either in person or online ATTACHED to their online audition.



Submit 5 pieces ORIGINAL fashion design illustrations ***In person audition protocol changed due to pandemic



Though we can not give you ideas for your garment designs we encourage you to learn how to create a croquis so that you have a  model figure to dress your garment designs onto:

Step 2: Draw an oval for the head


Step 3: Draw a horizontal line for the shoulders (roughly 2” heads wide)

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for the hips (the hips and shoulders are the same width)

Step 5: Draw a vertical line from the waist down to the ankles.

Step 6: Draw ovals for the shoulder, bicep, and lower arm

Step 7: Draw ovals for the upper and lower leg

Primary Shapes

Divide your figure into 3d shapes to before completing the figure

Connect  Final lines

Create your final lines with a darker definition. Pay attention to your shapes and how they influence the curves of your final lines.

Axis lines