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Step One: Draw a vertical line, perpendicular to the horizontal guidelines. 


Note: The standard croquis is an stretched figure with longer legs. The croquis is 9 heads tall from her head down to her ankles. 

In the event that you're working with an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, you'll be able have each head be generally 1” tall but this estimation will alter depending on your page size.

How to draw a Fashion  Croquis 

The Croquis is 9


Heads Tall

Fashion Design

Virtual  Portfolio  Preparation

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

Step 2: Draw an oval for the head


Step 3: Draw a horizontal line for the shoulders (roughly 2” heads wide)

Step 4: Repeat step 3 for the hips (the hips and shoulders are the same width)

Step 5: Draw a vertical line from the waist down to the ankles.

Step 6: Draw ovals for the shoulder, bicep, and lower arm

Step 7: Draw ovals for the upper and lower leg

Primary Shapes

Divide your figure into 3d shapes to before completing the figure

Connect  Final lines

Create your final lines with a darker definition. Pay attention to your shapes and how they influence the curves of your final lines.

Axis lines

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