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The college process can be a very daunting and confusing process, but don't worry there are lots of people to help you along the way. This page is full of useful information for all grades. It is never too early to start planning for college so please take advantage of all this site has to offer. If you are looking for something specific and can't find it here feel free to contact me directly! I look forward to meeting and working with all of you while you are at HSFI!


Kate McKeon

College Counselor

Fordham University

Team member since 2008

Room 729



I know, I know it may seem crazy that you just entered High School and you already need to start thinking about college, but what you do starting day 1 in high school will impact your college path. High school can be a big adjustment from middle school and everyone here understands that, so you need to communicate with your counselors and teachers if you are having any problems or issues that you can't seem to solve on your own. A great way to help you get acclimated to your new school is to get involved. Our school has many after school activities, which is a great way to meet new friends and colleges love to see that you are involved. Activities outside of school are also great, check your HSFI email regularly as you will often receive emails from staff members about exciting opportunities.


Hi Sophomores! This year you really want to start thinking about what your future holds. What classes are you enjoying, do you love your major, would you want to pursue that field in college? Start making stronger connections with teachers and your Guidance Counselor. If you haven't gotten involved in anything inside or outside of school now is the time, don't let opportunities pass you by!



Welcome Juniors! This is the year that you will really begin the college process. Hopefully you will all be placed in a college prep class known as APPS for the spring semester. This class will be crucial in preparing you for what lies ahead senior year. The college process is all about finding the college that is the best fit for you and there are lots of things to think about. Should you stay close or go away? Big school or small school? Public or Private? City or suburbs? Naviance will be a useful resource to you when you are researching schools. Go to the Naviance tab for log in instructions. 

Junior year is a great time to start exploring college campuses and getting a feel for the type of environment you are looking for. 


You will also be taking the SAT this Spring at HSFI. You should plan to take the SAT a second time at the beginning of senior year, you should use the summer to study for the exam. Make sure to check your HSFI email for information on SAT prep classes. Please contact me with any questions or concerns and make the most of this year, it is an important one!



You made it to Senior Year!!  Hopefully if you are on track with all of your credits you will be placed in an APPS (advocating and preparing for post-secondary success) class in the fall semester where you will get dedicated time every other day to complete the college application and financial aid process. If you are not in an APPS class you need to make sure you meet with your Youth Leader, Bridge Coach, or College and Guidance Counselor regularly.  It is easy to get behind in this process but if you seek help that won't happen. This will be an exciting year so make the most of it!




Naviance is a comprehensive K-12 college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.


There are several links one may use when accessing Naviance

Enter in 10011 select

HS of Fashion Industries

Your username is your HSFI email address.


All Juniors are registered by the school to take the School Day SAT this spring,  on March 27th, students will not be completing the essay section. Students are encouraged to take the SAT 2 times, once on SAT school day and again in either June, August, October, November or December. 



Register for free online SAT prep with Kahn Academy 

Please check back for information regarding SAT prep classes.




Make sure you are aware if you need to take the SAT Subject Tests!!


Fee waivers have automatically been assigned to you in your College Board Account based on your lunch application from 2017-2018.  If you do not have a fee waiver in your account and believe you should, see Ms. McKeon in room 729. Determine Fee Waiver eligibility.

For additional information and to register for the SAT, please visit