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Fashion Design Senior Studio 622 present a collage of varying Fashion ideas, from film and television icons to fashion interpretations as well as makeup and beauty. Each piece represents the student’s own individual ideas. This is the class’s way of showing their artistic point of view as well as creativity and perseverance during such a historic time in our country. Enjoy.

Class Roster:

Samira Amancio, Quiora Armfield, Ashley Balbuena, Victoria Rachel Brooks, Hope Carrion, Urania Davis, Miriam Flores, Jeilyz Garcia, Jazmynn Goncalves, Sheilaya Gresham, Alisha Gutierrez, Danelli Lora, Camila Mcdonald, Neseiry Melendez, Savannah Milton, Michelle Moo, Ashley Oviedo, Sharleen Peralta, Ruthmeyda Peralte, Alyssa Pryor, Mia Rivera, Felicia Robinson, Elideth Torres Cruz, Kelaiah Vargas, and Nylah Warren.

Featured Students:

Samira Amancio, Ashley Balbuena, Victoria Rachel Brooks, Alisha Gutierrez, Danelli Lora, Savannah Milton, Ashley Oviedo, Mia Rivera, Felicia Robinson, Kelaiah Vargas, Nylah Warren.

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The High School of Fashion Industries • 225 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011 • Phone: (212) 255-1235 Fax: (212) 255-4756 • Daryl Blank, Principal