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HSFI's Visual Merchandising seniors selected Candy Land as the theme for this year's holiday window displays. In an effort to acknowledge and pay homage to all that this year was (because it was a lot), the students felt strongly about illustrating each of the Candy Land environments through the lens of 2020, incorporating references to issues and events like quarantine, COVID19, BLM, and the presidential election. Here we offer a behind the scenes look at the work, thought, and dialogue that resulted in their final window display designs. Take a look around, and thank you for being here!

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Our Virtual Windows
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Welcome to Gingerbread Tree! 2020 was the hardest and scariest year so, in this window display, we tried to incorporate some of the life-changing events we all experienced, like the BLM movement, Coronavirus and the 2020 presidential election. In the following QR code we present to you a trailer of 2020 if it were to be a movie. Enjoy!



Crismely Calderon

Marty Mejia

Kiana Pena

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Welcome to Peppermint Forest! Yes, it freshens your breath, but it's actually a natural antiseptic, so it helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. It's also great for relieving headaches and nausea or any other digestive-related issues (um, hello post-holiday tummy ache). Scan our QR code to learn more about peppermint benefits. 



June ArcaMay

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Welcome to Gumdrop Mountains! This window display is all about spreading love and coming together. With so much going on in 2020, and so much negativity, we wanted to create a window that brings joy for the viewer. For this reason, the QR code below shows 10 more ways that you can be kind and spread love!



Rayen Osorio

Shantyce Springer

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Welcome to Licorice Forest! Here, gender expression is a liberating aspect of individuality. Gender is a spectrum, and individuality is amazing. We, as people, should be accepting and not fuel the world with ignorance. The Licorice Forest seems mysterious, but take a look inside...This QR code will take you to an article that offers insight on the extent of the gender spectrum. Who makes the rules?



Lorraine Andrickson

Briel Edwards

Nissah Harper

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Welcome to Peanut Acres! Here, you can experience a cozy, relaxing environment. This window display was inspired by the idea of quarantine in 2020, when everyone was at home. We want to offer a positive outlook on quarantine where we stay with our families & focus on the good. The QR code below offers a list of activities that you can do while staying at home.



Jamielee Hernandez

Skeye Hurley

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lollipop text.png

Welcome to Lollipop Woods, where everyone has a seat at the table!  Inspired by a combination of Candy Land and the social discord surrounding this year, we used our window to explore themes such as questioning authority, over-consumption and how it affects our interactions with each other and the earth as a whole. Below is a QR code to get more information about the relationship between over-consumption and climate change.



Tiffany Bruno

Nathaly Rodriguez

Aurora Joseph-Sadasy

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snowflake text.png

Welcome to Snowflake Lake! Inspired by Candy Land, this window display includes something that tons of us were awakened by during the year of 2020--the importance of self-care. Self-care awareness is super important whether your focus is spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional; having a balanced inner peace is what keeps people driven and inspired. Hopefully this window display reminds you that self-care is how you take your power back! The QR code below will lead you to self-care resources that will beautifully inspire you.



Jaylene Barreto

Dynasty Liranzo

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Welcome to Chocolate Swamp! Through our window display, we wanted to subliminally allude to the current movement of BLM. By swirling together the different flavors of chocolate, we were able to implicitly show the unity of different races. This QR code will take you to a website that will allow you to sign petitions and inform yourself on the current status of the BLM movement.



Dana Dudziuk

Diana Lora

Natalia Passos

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Welcome to Candy Castle, the final stop in the Candy Land game! We wanted to signify this place as the final resting stop for 2020, as it is in the game. We hope it gives you a magical feeling that’s both dreamy and relaxing. The castle, covered in cotton candy clouds, welcomes you-- please enjoy your stay!! To help you relax at the end of a hectic year, please visit our QR code for some soothing images.



Deborah Kwong

Jakeline Moreno Baez

Nathalia Navarro

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