Ms. Batts 

Students were asked to create a photo, or tiktok video inspired by a runway photo, editorial campaign, fashion history or art history.  Students who didn’t submit anything have previous work from their senior year showcased as well.

Class Roster:

Ashley Amako, Odyssey Aponte, Padmavati Arjune, Angie Bentos, Meya Brown, Dismailin Chalas, Marisol Cruz, Angeline Dadan, Gannatul Ferdous, Gloria Fernandez, Giancarlo Garcia, Alexandra Gonzalez, Andrea Grullon, Sharchell Jenkins, Lia Leon, Crystal Luna, Kayla Molina, Alicia Oneal, Yasheda Outar, Karla Rodriguez-Clara, Giovanna Rosario, Ashley Siguencia, Brianna Vargas, and Ashley Vega,

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